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Photo Albums

Photo Albums

The photo albums contain images of decorations and Cambridge glass. Two sections are provided, one for Auctions and one for all other photo albums (the main albums section). Some of the images are taken from original catalogs while others are actual glass photographs. The main albums section is divided into categories and a separate search function is provided for each section. The category list shows the number of albums in each category. These sections are still under construction as new images are being added regularly; there are currently 543 albums with more than 27,000 unique images. Since the Auction photo albums are in a separate section, there are links from each section to the other section.

To open an individual album, you first select a category or sub-category (This step is not necessary in the Auction albums section). This will take you to a list of albums in that category. Each album has a clickable image to open the album along with a description of the album contents. There may be multiple pages needed to display all the albums in that category. When you open an individual album you will see thumbnail images of the items. There may be multiple pages needed to display all the thumbnails in the album. Page numbers are found in the lower right if multiple pages are available. Each thumbnail will have an item description and any additional notes. You may click on the first image or any image to display a larger version of that image. When larger images are display, you can go to the previous or next image by clicking on the left or right arrows above the displayed image. You will also see the item description and additional notes when displaying the larger image. There are icons provided to return to the thumbnail view or to start an automatically advanced slide show. Item descriptions will not be shown during the automatic slide show.

On the righthand side of each page is a menu that provides the following navigation functions:

Home - Takes you to the album categories listing.

Login - You do NOT need to log in to view the photos albums. Login is used only by site administrators to create and edit the albums.

MVSG Home - Brings you back to our main web site where you are now.

Album list - Takes you to a list of the other albums in the same category as the album currently being viewed or the categories listing if no album is open.

Search - Allows you to search all albums using a number of search options. This is a powerful and handy function that allows you to enter one or more complete or partial words to create a custom album showing the items matching your parameters. You can also use multiple keywords in the search box. Note the checkmarks in the database fields to be searched. It is best to use the least data possible and avoid special characters. It is not necessary to enter full words. Sometime partial words yield better results. For example, entering "ram's head" will yield no results while entering "ram head" will yield the desired results. Capitalization is not necessary.


Open a new window to view the available photo albums.