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Pottery, Glass & Brass Salesman

The Pottery, Glass and Brass Salesman - 1918


Shapes or Lines
  1. Plain V Shaped Stemware with Cut Stem
  2. Design patent #52,554 Glass tumbler
  1. Amber
  2. Green
  3. Opalescent
  4. Ruby
  1. Combination Pressed/Cut
  2. Cut Dahlia
  3. Double Gold Bands Relieved by Colored Band in Green or Blue
  4. Double Process DPE
  5. Gold and Color Border Decoration
  6. Gold Relieved by Acid Etched Designs and Finished in Copper
  7. Hand Decorated Floral Treatment
  8. Light Cutting Combination of Straight Lines and Dainty Floral
  1. Bennett attends meeting of U S Chamber of Commerce

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